“Full Spectrum Thinking”

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Thinking” is constitutive. It makes things possible. It builds worlds. And since the World of our being shows itself to us in living color, what might it look like for us to think in color?

“The constitutional enterprise parallels the classic thematic story of World making(s) — strategically, a creationist narrative of starting and re-starting; making and remaking — nested creations, embedding a phased creativity… Continue Reading: Page 1 and Page 2


“The Constitution as Mission Statement for Public Leadership”

Constitution as Mission Statement

A lot of people think of the Constitution simply as a collection of pretty clauses. Others just pick up some favored phrases and use them as weapons in their ideological battles. Or a list of “thou shalt nots” constraining maybe themselves but, more likely, their opponents. Some perceive it as a message of legacy from the “Fathers.” Still others check further and conclude that it looks like the guidebook for an elaborate game. Or that it is the map for a heretofore uncharted territory where human relations take on a transformed character. Few may apprehend the obvious: This Constitution is the model that makes a new world, a distinctive world of political time and possibility (history and future) whose contours are difficult to see now because we are in it… Continue reading

COURSE No. 3:  

“How the Founders’ Debate Continues Today”

Founders Debate Continues

As a political community, this country is united by its differences. How to achieve good government? We started out this way. And the debate continues. Constitutional America is configured by a foundational disagreement over how to achieve a common purpose. Leaders in public service are situated precisely at the juncture of this nationally self-characterizing contention… Continue Reading